Spring ☀️ 2022 Student Transportation Reminders

 TAPS Updates

Let us help you get to, from, and around campus!

Stay in the know!
Obtain updates on transportation options, events, parking availability, lot/road closures, and more.


Overnight Parking
In addition to (W) White Spaces, students can also park in (R) Red Spaces between 4:30PM - 7:30AM, Monday - Friday. Overnight Parking Map

Weekend Parking
Open parking is available on campus from 10PM Friday until 11:59PM Sunday.

Make sure you ordered your permit!
IMPORTANT - Be sure to click Next>> all the way through to Submit and Pay Now to obtain your permit!
Get your 24/7 parking permit at permits.parking.fsu.edu.

Dead battery? Locked out of your car? Need other help? Contact the FSU Campus Roadside Program.

Ride the Buses

Ride the all-electric Seminole Express bus fleet around campus and the City of Tallahassee StarMetro service around town. See routes, schedules, and real-time tracking with the TransLoc Rider mobile app and through the Star Metro site.


Take the free CyclingSavvy course in Canvas to learn skills & strategies to make cycling safer and more enjoyable for bikers and drivers. Bike racks are located throughout campus. Remember to register your bike property with FSUPD.

Travel at Night

Get around safely and securely by riding the Nite Nole bus service, using S.A.F.E. Connection (in partnership with Lyft), or taking Nole Cab. And take advantage of services offered by the FSU Police Dept, such as FSU Guardian, the Blue Light Trail, and more!

Travel with FSU Partners

Offering exclusive options for traveling home and back to campus. FSU students receive special rates on RedCoach and Nole Cab (includes rides to the airport). FSU Rideshare offers a platform where you can plan trips with fellow students.