Bicycle racks are available outside of almost every building on campus and are monitored by FSUPD. All Seminole Express and StarMetro buses are also equipped with bike racks so you can bring your bicycle with you wherever you go.

Register Your Bike with FSUPD

A bicycle can be a major investment, so be sure to protect your bike by registering it with FSUPD. This is a free service and is useful if your bike is stolen or tampered with. When parking your bike, make sure to secure it with at least one form of lock. Please contact the crime prevention unit at (850) 644-1388 or (850) 644-3660 for more information and to register your bike today!

Your bike will be confiscated by FSUPD if secured to anything other than one of the many bike racks located around campus, as this could block access to walkways and entrances as well as pose hazards for students with visual impairments.

Bike and Bus

All Seminole Express and StarMetro bus can accommodate up to two bicycles. Only single-set, two-wheel bicycles are permitted on buses. If the rack is full, customers should be prepared to choose a location to lock up their bike, or wait for the next bus. Some bus shelters are equipped with bicycle racks.

FSU reCycle Bike Program

FSU's reCycle Bike Program allows current students to rent bicycles for the semester or the year. Check out the FSU reCycle Bike Program Facebook page for more information!

Additional Resources

University Regulations including Bicycle Parking and Traffic Code