Transportation Violations Appeals Board

If your appeal is denied at the first stage, you may go before the Transportation Violation Appeals Board to state your case. The Board consists of current FSU faculty, staff, and students, none of whom are affiliated with the FSU Office of Transportation and Parking Services. The Board's decisions are final, with no further reviews or discussions allowed concerning appeals heard. Decisions are based on the University's Parking Regulations and the State of Florida Statutes. The Board is not obligated to provide an explanation of their decisions concerning appeals.

Schedule a Hearing

  • By submitting this request you agree to have your case heard by the Transportation Violations Appeals Board.
  • Delinquent fine amounts will not be assessed during the appeals process.
  • Requests for continuances of the scheduled hearing date are discouraged, but will be granted ONCE upon notification of extenuating circumstances at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled hearing time. Persons failing to obtain a continuance and/or failing to appear for their scheduled hearing will forfeit their right to any further consideration. Appeals will be adjudicated as upheld on the record of the Transportation Violations Appeals Board.

Further questions may be emailed to the TVAB Coordinator at

Serving on the TVAB

The FSU Office of Transportation and Parking Services is seeking volunteers to serve on the Transportation Violation Appeals Board, which consists of current students, faculty, and staff.

The appeals court is held every Wednesday and Thursday from 2 PM – 3 PM via Zoom. Volunteers do not need to attend every session. However, attendance is required for at least 1 session each week. Students may apply these hours to the ServScript Program and all members will receive a token of appreciation with a signed commitment.

Those interested in participating should fill out the Inquiry Form and the TVAB Coordinator will reach out with next steps.

Please email with further questions: