Department Events

Hosting an Event on Campus?

If your department is hosting an event on campus and would like to reserve parking spaces for guests, we can work with you to provide reserved parking and parking staff.

What does it Cost?


$25.00 per hour
for each attendant
(2-Hour Minimum)

Reserved Hourly Space

$10.00 per space

Reserved Space w/o Attendant $10.00 per space
Reserved Space w/ Attendant $3.25 per space

What do I need for my request?

Submit the following two forms at least 48 hours in advance:

Please be aware of the following changes:

Effective July 1, 2016, Purchase orders must be in place before Transportation and Parking Services can be provided for event parking, lot/attendant reservations, and departmental parking permits. For specific directions for how to complete a purchase order, click here

*Federal Sponsored Research (FSR) departments cannot use funds 520,521, 523, and 524 for event parking reservations.

If we do not receive at least 48 hours notice of an event, we will not be able to guarantee ​spaces will be available.

Email the completed forms to, or fax to (850) 644.4999.